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When it comes to professional carpet cleaning, we are the company that you can trust. With years of experience, we know how to get all of your carpets and upholstery cleaned, giving you a better way of living.

It does not matter if you want to live in your home or sell your home, we can help you achieve your dream. Want someone to get deep into your carpets while also being aware of the environment? We have the skills.

From our helpful sales staff (who are knowledgable and enthusiastic) to our professional cleaners (harnessing the best equipment and years of service), we have cleaned countless rugs, carpets, upholstery, floors, and more.

For all of your Kalamazoo carpet cleaning needs, give us a call today.

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Our Services

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is what we do most, and our years of being in business have helped us to hone our skills. People often say that they have seen it all and, when it comes to carpets, that is true for us.

When you need to hire a professional carpet cleaning company, think of us. It does not matter if you need one carpet spot cleaned, an entire room done, or your entire home, we have the knowledge, equipment, and professional cleaners to handle all of your needs.

A clean carpet really freshens up a home. You may not even know that you need to have your carpet cleaned but, if it has not been cleaned in a while (or at all), then give us a call, and we can show you just how clean your home can be.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

We don’t just stop at cleaning homes. Over the years, we have cleaned some extremely large houses, and that has equipped us to clean commercial properties too. I mean, a carpet is a carpet, when you get down to it.

If your business or commercial property is in need of carpet cleaning, call us. We are mindful of business hours (we are a business too) and can help you work out an optimum time that will not disrupt your day-to-day operations.

Upholstery Cleaning

Our heavy-duty equipment can deal with the toughest carpets and rugs, but we have specialized equipment too. With smaller wet-vacs and attachments, we can get deep into your sofas and chairs.

If you have any furniture with fabric, we can deep clean it. From a three-piece suite in your home to computer chairs in your office, let us clean everything while we are there.

Rug Cleaning

We don’t just do carpet cleaning, we can do professional rug cleaning too. When it comes to floor coverings, there is no job too big or too small. No matter what size your rug is, we have the capacity to get it clean.

We know that rugs are placed in high-traffic areas, so there is a reason why they get so dirty. When you need a professional, give us a call.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Don’t let the fact that you do not have a carpet stop you from having your home cleaned. Our professional equipment works just as well on tiles and grout, and we can really get into the grout lines to freshen up your floor.

We will leave your tiles looking like new, and the grout looking as white as the day it was installed (if it started as white, that is).

The Benefits Of Carpet Cleaning (And Of Hiring A Professional)

Longer Life

A clean carpet will last longer than one that is not clean, and that will only save you money over time. If you do not have to replace a carpet after only a few years, you can use that money for something you truly want.

When dirt and grime get into a carpet, it starts to eat away at it. Organic matter can start to mold and break down fibers, and larger debris can cause friction. A quick clean from a professional can take care of this.

Improved Health

If you suffer from any allergies or irritations, and even if you don’t, a clean carpet will improve your health.

Carpet fibers are great at trapping in allergens (along with dirt and dust), and those allergens are disturbed every time the carpet is walked on. When the allergens are deep in the fibers, they can get stuck in there for years. Our professionals go deep to clean your carpet from top to bottom.

Eliminate Stains

Sometimes your carpet is 99% clean, but there is one patch that you cannot get clean, no matter what you do. When you get a stain on your carpet, it can be tough to get out, and many people simply cover the stain with something else, but it will always be there.

Professional carpet cleaners have the skills and equipment to deal with the toughest of stains, removing them in a few minutes. A completely clean carpet means that you do not have to limit yourself by covering the stain.

High-Traffic Wear

There are certain spots on your carpet that are going to deteriorate faster than others. These are the high-traffic areas where people walk more, such as corridors and hallways, but are also specific to those areas, and the middle strip of the carpet will often wear quicker than the edges.

This wear is caused by more dirt being tracked over this area. Over time, you will notice this wear as it becomes unsightly. A professional carpet cleaning company will be able to take care of this problem for you.

Our Carpet Cleaning Process

With decades of carpet cleaning cleaning experience, we have a simple four-step process from the moment you pick up the phone to cleaning the last vent.

Protect The Area

Connect Equipment

Source Removal

Final Review


Most frequent questions and answers

When you choose us, you are not only choosing a professional carpet cleaning company, you are also choosing the company that cares. We have years of experience in the Kalamazoo area, and we are committed to helping our community with all of their carpet cleaning needs.

We have a commitment to carpet cleaning, and that means we have stuck with our highly-trained carpet professionals as they have grown in their roles, and constantly built on their knowledge base.

We offer you peace of mind, so call us now and let us do the work for you.

You could clean your own carpet, but there are few problems with doing so, and you may not even notice them until it is too late.

If you have a spill and clean it up, it may look clean, but the cleanliness will only be superficial. The same goes for hiring equipment from local hire companies. Most equipment is designed to clean to a certain depth. It may look clean, but the dirt is still there.

When we clean, we go deep. We clean all the way down to the underlay and remove the moisture so that it cannot cause more damage.

As an estimate, we would recommend letting your carpet dry for around 8 hours, but there are a lot of factors to consider.

A thicker carpet will take longer to dry, and the time of year will make a difference too. If it is summer and you can open windows to let the air circulate, that will make a big difference.

For a more accurate estimate, give us a call and we can talk through it.

The carpet cleaning part does not take long at all. If we have free access to a room, we can usually clean a carpet in around 20 minutes.

Of course, the size of the room and the type of carpet will make a difference. If there are obstacles to work around, that will add some time too.

Talk to one of our professionals to find out how much time we will need.

We start by talking through your needs. We like to find out exactly what needs to be cleaned, the size of your rooms, the number of rooms, obstacles, type of carpet, etc. Once we have a clear picture, we can schedule a time with you.

This way, when our professional cleaners arrive, they know what to expect and can get to work immediately. That causes less disruption to your life or business.

When we are done, we make sure that the carpet is not all that is cleaned. If we have made any mess, we clean that up too.

We recommend cleaning your carpet once a year to keep it in optimum condition.

Of course, a lot will depend on how often the carpet is used and the amount of traffic on it. Give us a call for an accurate estimate.

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